Minor White & Sal Sirugo

April 12, 2011

Minor White was an American painter born in 1908. He wasn’t so much into the arts until after college when he began to dabble in poetry and later moved to photography. His work followed world war II and were not extremely ground breaking but they had a distinct style which he had developed under the teacher Meyer Schapiro. His photographs were images of mundane everyday things, doorways, water, sky, but was the way in which he captured them that engaged the viewer. Easily relatable and understood the images would spark a memory or emotion within the viewer. His work inspired me in its simplicity using fundamentals as his most prominent feature and really paying attention to the influence of light. I hope you enjoy!


Two Barn and Shaddow, 1955

Haggs Alley, Rochester, 1960

Sandstone Lobos, returning wave, 1950

Snow Shapes, High key, 1958

Sal Sirugo was born in Sicily in 1920 and was soon moved to America by  his father. He served time in the war and was severely injured needing over 3 years of recovery time, which is when he began to explore drawing. Eventually he moved and began to study at  Brooklyn Museum Art School and Art Students League. There he pushed his technique and his natural voice of exploration. His funds were limited to a mere $10 a month for supplies so he used only black and white paint. Eventually having this limited palette encouraged him to push the works depth and movement. He has worked in many styles always exploring something new and has been recognized for many awards. I loved his abstract landscapes. It is said he was influenced by a Chinese art exhibit in Boston and you can definitely feel the influence in some of the pieces I chose. Also there is a rawness to some of the pieces that I greatly admire.


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