Alberto Giacometti

October 11, 2010

Alberto Giacometti was a swiss artist who was the son of a neo-impressionist painter. Art was in his blood and he stuck with it until his death in the 1960’s. His first major show was in 1948 at a gallery in New York, it was this show that put his name out there. Primarily focusing on his elongated emaciated figures. He also did paintings, drawings, and prints but his sculptures are my favorite. Below I’ve included a couple of images of both sculpture and drawings.


These are the two artists I decided to post today. I came across Anselm when searching the Moma archives and Lisa actually did an artist talk at my school the other night that I was unable to attend due to monitoring.. Boo. I was curious about her work though and now sadly enough I wish I could have attended the talk. Her pieces are controversial in the way they depict the female figure but are so intriguing and eye-catching. One can not just walk by without stopping and thinking about the image. Below are a couple of the pieces I especially liked hope you enjoy them as well.

Next is Anselm Kiefer who is a german painter and uses painting to show the violence that once ran though that land. The paintings seem to have a pysicality to them and emotional charge that amplifies the experience. Below are two paintings “Seraphim” & “Margarete.”

Martin Louis

October 5, 2010

Martin Louis was an artist born in Australia who fell in love with New York. He had his first successful exhibition in 1929. He had made a name for himself in Commercial art but when the depression hit he was forced to leave New York.  When he returned sadly enough his work was never again to get the recognition it deserved and many say he was long forgotten as an artist. The work he produced was primarily print including drypoint and etching and were very interesting. His dramatic use of light and the effects of weather on different scenes were great. Most of his work is of city life in New york. I hope you enjoy the work.

Little Penthouse


Andrew Myers

October 5, 2010

Andrew is a painter, sculpture and does great drawings. He went to school in California although I believe he was born in Germany and only had 2.5 years of “training.” He is said to be a natural artist and has been recognized many times by both magazines and other sculptural awards.

Esa Peltonen

October 5, 2010

Esa is an illustrator I discovered through a magazine, she has a great use of line and washes and a style I love! I don’t know much about her there is not to much to be found online at least not when you don’t have the patience to sift through every possible website. However, her blog had a small amount of images which was enough for me to decide how I felt about her work.

The is a piece from a series called “Outhere”

This image was originally intended to accompany fashion photos as the illustrative renditions.

Atsuko Tanaka

October 3, 2010

I love the quality of her line and the atmospheric effect in the circular shapes of this piece, I have to make this quick I was supposed to be back to work about 5 min ago I think!

2005 etching and Aquating

Louise Bourgeois

October 3, 2010

Not that I absolutely love these images or anything but it is interesting to me to see how she uses the line in her woodblock since I’ve been pondering how to transfer some of my line work better onto the block.