David Lang

September 26, 2011

David Lang is an artist who became and official artist much later in his life. He is a New England based artists currently working out of Natick Massachusetts.  I was first introduced to his work in Cohasset at the South Shore Art Center and was delightfully surprised to find such whimsical little kinetic sculptures filling the main gallery. The sculptures are so captivating that time begins to vanish, but what was most interesting was the delicate movement that these sculptures were capable of. The wings moved so softly as if truly gliding along the wind. I was so excited when I visited Sowa today to see that he was having an exhibit at Boston Sculpture Gallery. He currently is showing 20 or so sculptures all fantastic and all unique. I must admit that I stumbled upon this artist and hope that others do as well. I encourage you to see his work in person as the experience would never be the same online. However I have included a few photos bellow of works that I found inspiring and captivating. Enjoy.


Haven’t been doing all that good recently with posting artists but I haven’t really been looking all that hard either. Instead I have been taking photographs of things that inspire me and I’ve included a few below. I use them for everything from color to imagery. All of these images were taken by me throughout my daily experiences and adventures.