Ginny Bishton

April 5, 2011

Ginny Bishton is a Los Angela’s based artist who uses her daily routine and food as inspiration for her artwork. She takes numerous amounts photos of her day and color sorts them to use later in her work. She also has used many versions of soup to get perfect coloration in her food which she later would eat. I love that her work would never allow a complete outsider to understand how close it is to home for her, without the help of a title, but every part has something to do with her. Her final execution of her pieces is what some might refer to as obsessive or maybe just labor intensive, either way it what draws me in and why I love this work. Hope you love it too!

“Blue, green” 2005

“Walking #2” 2001

“Walking #8” 2001

“De nada” 2009

theses are the soups photos!